The facade not only serves as the “face” of the house, but also protects the walls from the damaging effects of the environment. One of the most profitable and practical ways of arranging the facade is to apply special paints to its surface. Facade paints can quickly revive or completely change the appearance of the structure, while their chemical composition is very resistant to atmospheric factors and temperature extremes.The correct application of high-quality facade paint on a well-prepared surface is the key to the long service of the painted facade, therefore it will be right to entrust the facade painting to specialists.

Facades of all types respond well to painting - wooden, brick, concrete, plastered, the main thing is to choose the right paint and prepare the facade for painting accordingly. Technologically, the process of applying paint to the walls of a house must take into account several factors. For example, painting the facade at high temperatures (in very hot weather) will cause the paint to dry too quickly, which will lead to uneven painting of the facade, and vice versa, painting in a humid environment will lead to slow drying of the paint, and as a result, drips may form, so our specialists in their work take into account the influence of temperature and humidity.