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Windows Painting

Window painting in Dublin has always been a popular service due to the weather conditions. It is not recommended to entrust this responsible job to amateurs, it is to ask for experienced painters. In any case, it is critical especially for wooden structures. Our professional painters always adhere strictly to all painting techniques and safety regulations during the painting process.

Wooden Windows Painting

Wood doors and windows have been used in Ireland for many years, but in today's world mankind uses wood more than steel. However, this material requires protection because it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, rain, heat and frost. Layers of paint protect wood window frames from premature damage. Often, it is much more cost-effective to renovate and paint a wood window than to buy a new one, especially if the windows are of historical value.

Metal Windows Painting

Aluminum structures are valued for their high performance characteristics: increased strength, wear resistance, and anti-corrosion properties. With regular preventive maintenance, they can last for decades. However, circumstances may arise that require them to be painted, such as inconsistency with the colors of the new interior or exterior, careless use, scratches, or mildew. Our team of experienced painters will solve any of these problems with professional aluminum window painting.

Vanish Windows Painting

In the production process uses special varnishes for wooden windows painting, which have the best indicators of resistance to external influences, durability and harmlessness of paints and varnishes to the health of others. With increased requirements for fire safety, heat-resistant compositions are used that prevent the wood from burning and smoldering in contact with open flame.

PVC/UPVC Windows Painting

Plastic windows are not only the familiar white color, but also the possibility of painting in any color. For the painting work of this type of windows we use high quality paint, which is applied only by our professional and highly qualified painters, which guarantees high quality and reliability.

Windows Sills Painting

What to do if your window sills over time began to look bad, if there were stains and traces that can not be washed, there were cracks and peeling paint or on your window sill molding? it is no problem to simply repaint the sills and they will be like new.
Depending on the condition and material of the surface are chosen special products for restoration and painting. Experienced, professional painter can repair and paint any sills wood, plastic, concrete, masonry, or metal if they are not rotten. This painting window sills will save money on replacing them and improve the appearance of any building.