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Pubs & Restaurants Painting

UAB Painting offering interior and exterior painting services for restaurants and pubs with the highest quality and most reliable painting methods. We have all the necessary tools and materials designed specifically for finishing surfaces in catering environments. Our extensive experience guarantees excellent results; the use of modern technology guarantees the speed and Hight-quality of Painting with affordable prices.

Catering establishments always have a special status and style that is specific to the premisesreflecting the business and corporate ethosIn order to make a statement and keep your caffe or restaurant looking tidyyou need to use interior and exterior painting companies from time to time.
It is the professional painting of interiors and exteriors of pubsrestaurantscaffes, and other commercial premises that UAB Painting and Decorating doesWe create an atmosphere of warmth and cozinesswhich is very important in the premises visited by customers.

Painting walls and ceilings.
Modern finishes and highly resistant coatings help to reconcile these conflicting requirements of aesthetics and functionalitywhich are essential in catering operationsPerfectly smooth surfaces, enhanced with a glossy effect, not only make the interior pompous, but also expand the room visually. On the other hand, there is a more practical side to the issue: matt paint is most effective at concealing surface imperfections. Glossy finishes are also great for areas that are subject to frequent washing and friction.

Paint in heavily stressed areas
Kitchen worktops are a challenge for coating materials. Moisture, grease, steam and all kinds of dirt. Even a cooker hood is powerless under these conditions. Kitchen coatings must have a durable film, be resistant to frequent washing and be resistant to abrasion.

In the first place use environmentally friendly painting, so the vast majority of modern decorative coatings are water-based. Acrylic and latex water-based paints are the most common. They have excellent performance characteristics and, most importantly, are safe and easy to maintain in the painting process.

Innovative technologies in the paint industry make it possible to produce water-based materials that are often far more resistant than solvent-based products. These paints adhere perfectly over the entire surface. There are no toxic emissions, apart from harmless water vapors, when working with it.

Acrylic washable paints are mainly used. They are durable, resistant to humidity, water and food stains. Such a surface can be cleaned with a sponge and a mild detergent up to 3000 times without losing quality! Latex paint is the best in terms of durability, forming a thin but very abrasion resistant layer on the surface. The only drawback is the high price. It is used in heavy duty areas where regular cleaning with detergents and disinfectants is necessary for hygiene reasons. A soft pile brush can be used to clean a latex-coated wall.

The use of acrylic latex paints guarantees the quality of painting. These paints do not contain any chemical solvents or ammonia compounds and are therefore ideal for areas with particularly high hygiene requirements.

Based on the above, water-based wallpapers and paints are the most practical and effective way to solve the interior design problem of restaurants, cafés, pubs and other catering facilities.

There are undoubtedly some basic principles in painting and decorating the interiors of public facilities, but there are no hard-and-fast restrictions.

A successful, impressive interior can be either contrasting or the interaction of materials, textures and wallpaper. Obviously, the role of the finishing material in creating the overall ambience is as important as the technical equipment of the establishment.

The number of colors and decorations is staggeringly diverse and highly technical. Wallpaper is traditionally less picky about the condition of surfaces and, thanks to its structure, is able to fill in small defects and irregularities in the substrate.