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We offer all painting services in private houses, apartments and commercial buildings. UAB painting will transform any wall in your house, apartment or commercial building. Our experienced specialists will work hard to bring your interior painting vision to life, no matter the complexity. Contact us now for more information on our painting services. 

Bedroom Painting

Quickly change the boring interior will help quality bedroom painting. After all, some people literally spend years saving up for a fresh repaint, while others simply do not have enough free time or energy to transform the room. But to stop enviously looking at pictures of other people's bedrooms on the internet we offer help from our team of professional painters. It's time to start enjoying your room, you do not need to spend a lot of effort or money. You just need to choose a good paint and bet on the right colors.

Only water-based paints are suitable for living rooms. They dry quickly, do not have an unpleasant, toxic odor, do not burn out, are evenly applied to the surface. But in order for the result of the transformation to bring positive emotions, it is necessary to spend time searching for high-quality paint and choosing the right experienced painter. It is necessary to evaluate the effect of different colors on the psycho-emotional state of a person. After all, the bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. Therefore in the interior of the room does not fit the perfectly excitable mind, depressing, depressing shades.

What colors are recommended for painting bedrooms?

Light pastel shades. It is better to combine them with more saturated shades to get a more lively, contrasting result. Warm colors. Shades will fill the room with light, make it visually a little larger, make it feel warmer and much cozier. Cold gentle shades. These colors have a "refreshing" property, helping improve your mood.

Bathroom Painting

If you are looking for a replacement for the standard tile laying option, painting your bathroom walls is the best way to finish. A coating of quality paint will be durable and beautiful, the right choice of colors will allow you to create any desired color. Wall painting can be considered a budget option, but requires even and prepared walls and a lot of experience in painting. Paint for walls in the bathroom must be waterproof. It must have antibacterial protection, as in wet rooms create conditions for the life of microorganisms.

The following types of paint are used for wet rooms. Water base emulsion - divided into acrylic, latex, silicone and with the addition of PVA. Take advantage of our professional painters consultation in Dublin

Kitchen Walls Painting

It's important to protect your kitchen walls from dirt and get a washable surface to wipe off grease and splatter with a rag. Let's figure out how to paint your kitchen walls correctly, choose the right paint so it's easy to clean and the dirt doesn't catch the eye.

What to paint the walls in the kitchen with?

  • Acrylics are ideal for kitchens - they clean well, are beautiful, vapor-permeable and fairly durable, but their durability is slightly lower than latex paints.
  • Latex is fine if you prioritize durability and longevity. But keep in mind that they lose to acrylic material in vapor permeability, which means that they contribute to the formation of increased humidity. Contact us for more information about painting kitchen walls in Dublin


Painting children's rooms fits the child's needs well, saves time, saves budget and is quick to implement. With a few swipes of the roller, you can fix any dirt and patterns on the walls, which is much better than if you had to replace new wallpaper. So painting the children's room is always an ideal solution.

The paint range offers a wide choice in terms of quality and properties. With chalkboard paint, you can create a wall surface on which you can write and draw with chalk, there are also magnetic paints, and with latex paint you can make walls washable. Parents and children alike are concerned about what wall color is best for a child's room. All because a child's room will be an important place to play, learn and sleep, which is why painting should meet the needs of the room's young occupant. You can ask us now about the best paint to paint the children room in your case.

Living Room Painting

The right painting job in the living room sets the overall character of the home. The living room is a place for personal relaxation, a place where you can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as well as get together with your friends and family. Choosing the best shade can lift your spirits and help you cope with stress. You can also surprise guests with a combination of several colors, or go a step further in painting the living room and add beautiful wallpaper.  Contact us now to book a free consultation and quotation. 

Office Painting

Many managers do not attach much importance to office design. The walls are painted in neutral colors - grey, white or beige, or wallpaper in similar colors. Others want to make the office unusual by inviting a paint company to help create a unique office paint job. According to experts, the second option is preferable and will pay off faster, even if it costs a lot. The benefits of painting an interesting interior in the workplace are

  • An increase in the employability of employees;
  • An increase in the attractiveness of the firm to clients;
  • Increasing the company's rating by improving its image

We provide professional painting services for offices in Dublin:

  • We choose the right materials for painting. We will find the right paint for your spaces, we will take into account all the needs of the user on the colors.
  • A personalized painting plan about not disturbing the work. We can do the work at any time of day, you don't have to suspend work. Everything will be done over the weekend, at night or outside office hours.
  • –°leaning of the premises. We clean up after ourselves when the work is done. You will arrive at your workplaces with clean offices. There will be no dust or debris. We remove the protective film, masking tape, bring in the furniture and put everything in its place.
  • Preparing the office for painting. Before you start painting, you need to prepare the room. Everything that can be removed is removed, and everything that cannot be removed is covered with a film. We also need to protect the floor from contamination. All surfaces adjacent to the painting area must be covered with adhesive tape.

Painting Hall Stairs and Landing

What factors influence which stairs walls paint to choose?

  • The high stress on the finish is due to the fact that people will be constantly changing clothes in this room, outerwear will come into contact with the walls, soiling and dampening them, and splashes from shoes may also reach the lower area of the walls. This is why the finish layer must be hard-wearing;
  • All items in the flat get there through the corridor (construction materials, furniture, sledges, various implements and so on). When transporting such items, friction, knocks and other mechanical impacts on the walls often occur. This means that the paint layer must be sufficiently durable;
  • The hallway is part of the flat and can therefore also be classified as a living area. Therefore, the paint materials must not contain poisons and toxins or other substances that may be harmful to human health. In addition, the paint should allow the walls to breathe.

Only one class meets all the criteria most closely: waterborne acrylic paint. Acrylics are highly water-resistant, damage-proof, durable, elastic and offer a wide range of colors. They are considered to be the highest quality paints for painting halls and stairs walls.

Our services for the painting of wooden stairs include all the mandatory stages of surface preparation: sanding, filling, painting stairs railing, priming and application of several layers of the selected paint. You can find more information about stairs painting  HERE.

Pub/Restaurant/Caffe Interior Painting

Catering establishments always have a special status and style that is specific to the premises, reflecting the business and corporate ethos. In order to make a statement and keep your caffe or restaurant looking tidy, you need to use interior and exterior painting companies from time to time. READ MORE

UAB Painting works throughout Dublin and the region and offers its customers interior and exterior painting of restaurants, bars and cafes with the highest quality and most reliable painting methods. We have all the necessary tools and materials designed specifically for finishing surfaces in catering environments. At the customer's request, surfaces can also be coated with a fireproof layer, which guarantees fire protection of the ceiling and the building as a whole. Our qualified professionals can answer your questions and help you choose the right paint and wallpaper. Our extensive experience guarantees excellent results; the use of modern technology guarantees the speed and quality of work. And at the same time we offer you affordable prices.