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Fence Painting

fence painting in dublin, repaint, restauration

UAB Painting offers services of professional painters to paint structures for various purposes. If you need to paint a fence in Dublin or Dublin region, ask us and the work will be done at the highest level!

Painting a fence - a whole complex of works, the final stage of which is the application of paint coating. Pre-preparation of the fence for painting - a very important stage, which for the most part depends on the durability of painting. In each case, the fence painting service is individual. It takes into account not only the material from which the fence is made, but also the condition of the structure, as well as operating conditions.

The following services can be ordered from us:

Painting a Wooden Fence
Painting of Concrete Fence
Painting of a Metal Fence, Forged, etc.
Painting of a Brick Fence
Painting of Stone Fences

Painting a wood fence

It would seem that painting a wood fence - there is nothing easier. However, if you want the fence to not only look beautiful and neat, but also to last you a long time, it is better to turn to professionals. Wood is the least durable material compared to stone, concrete or metal. That is why it needs a special approach. Our experts carry out a careful selection of materials for the preparation of the wooden fence for staining, as well as the choice of paint coating taking into account the type of wood and climatic conditions. Careful preparation for staining and painting a wooden fence in two layers will make the fence look presentable for a long time.

fence painting in dublin, repaint, restauration

Painting a metal fence

Metal is one of the most reliable, but also quite capricious materials. Rust is the most common problem that can affect even wrought iron fences or galvanized steel fences. When working with metal fences, we strictly adhere to all the preparatory steps, one of which is to clean the metal from rust. Primer and paint are used special - for metal. Methods of painting can be different - from manual, with a brush, to airless spray painting.

fence painting in dublin, repaint, restauration

Painting brick fences

As a rule, brick fences are not painted, as brick is a self-sufficient material. Mostly, painting a brick fence occurs if the fence is old, the appearance of brick is not presentable, or you need to remove various graffiti and other dirt. One of the problems of brick fences is mold. And if you paint fences over mold without removing it, it will only contribute to the destruction of the brickwork. In addition, brick fences before painting should be cleaned from dirt, dust, moss, etc. Only then the paint will lay evenly and will last a long time. If you need to paint a brick fence, you can order the service by phone listed on the website, and our specialists will perform the work in the shortest possible time.

Painting a concrete fence

Concrete is one of the least capricious materials, but there are nuances when it comes to painting a concrete or reinforced concrete fence. Painting a concrete fence will protect the structure from destruction for a long time. The paint layer prevents the penetration of moisture in the microcracks, which is especially important in the demi-season and winter periods. Our experts not only paint the concrete fence quickly and efficiently, but also make the removal of efflorescence and other sediments, which are also destructive to the construction.

How much does it cost to paint a fence in Dublin?

The prices for fence painting are individual in every case, because not only the scope of works but also the general condition of the construction and the conditions of painting influence the price.

Before the formation of the final amount for the order, our specialist goes to the object for the purpose of its inspection and evaluation. Then we can give a quote