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Door Painting

Ireland's traditional colored doors are known the world over. Painting pine, kitchen, bedrooms or any doors is an affordable way to update your interior and exterior. It allows you to bring an old door back to life and blend in with the new surroundings. For a successful paint job, the right paint and materials must be selected and the door must be properly prepared and painted. UAB Painting offering professionally quality doors painting service. Contact us if you need painting any type of doors in white, black, vanish or another colors in Dublin area.


In today's shops, there is a wide range of paint products available. The choice of the right product must be made on the basis of several aspects:

The operating conditions of the product. The characteristics of the room in which the door is installed, depend on the requirements for paint and varnish materials. If the room has a high level of humidity, then a composition with good hydrophobic qualities is required.

Expected result. If painting the door is a way to conceal a wood defect. chips or stains, it is better to paint it white using paint or enamel.
If the goal is to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood's texture, varnishes, polishes and impregnations are needed.

PVC/UPVC Doors Painting

As soon as PVC doors became popular, everyone installed them exclusively in white, as it was cheap and suited to every design. But over time, tastes have changed, and the doors have become far from fresh looking, the white color has proven to be impractical, so they need exterior cosmetic repairs and replacement of the coating.
Quality painting of PVC or UPVC doors should be carried out by professionals at optimum temperature and humidity conditions. These conditions not only allow the coating to be applied correctly, but also allow it to dry in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. It is important to note that the density, or viscosity, of the coating is also important. As the door is a vertical product, the paint itself must be of such an optimum consistency that the adhesion is instantaneous during application. Otherwise, leaks or gaps may appear, which will require additional treatment. Painting these doors at home is different in that it must be done very thoroughly and carefully, so only lacquers, paints and other chemicals that do not contain hazardous components and caustic odors should be used.