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Custom Furniture Painting

Furniture is the main accent in any room and painting it can be a fantastic way to give it new life. Thanks to our professional painting materials and the craftsmanship of our team, it is possible to restore and rejuvenate including kitchen furniture, bedside tables, shelves, chairs, even a wardrobe, table, chest of drawers and any other wooden surfaces. . Contact us today to find out more about our custom furniture painting.   

It is often the case that you have furniture and it's not ruined, it's just boring, no longer fashionable or doesn't fit in with the new interior, here can be many reasons for repainting furniture. Furniture painting should be carried out by experienced painters and with the right painting materials, because when the painting is done poorly, the furniture risks looking sloppy or amateurish. In the worst cases, the painted furniture will start to splinter and peel off soon after the project is completed. This will lead to such furniture simply being thrown away and a waste of effort, time and budget. UAB painting offers a quality painting service for furniture made of wood, fiberboard MDF, plywood, chipboard with melamine. Read more about our custom Kitchen furniture painting.