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We offer all painting services in private houses, apartments and commercial buildings. UAB painting will transform any wall in your house, apartment or commercial building. Our experienced specialists will work hard to bring your interior painting vision to life, no matter the complexity. Contact us now for more information on our painting services. 


The Exterior not only serves as the “face” of the house but  it also protects the walls from the damaging effects of the environment. Exterior paints can quickly revive or completely change the appearance of your home, while their chemical composition protects it from  atmospheric factors and temperature extremes. The correct application of high-quality Exterior paint on a well-prepared surface is the key to the long service of the painted Exterior. To find out more about our exterior painting method and prices, contact us now.


Taking your interior design beyond painting? UAB Painting provides high-quality, affordable and efficient wallpapering services. Our talented and experienced team will be happy to help you choose which wallpaper is best for you and calculate the required rolls. Get a free quote today. 


Furniture is the main accent in any room and painting it can be a fantastic way to give it new life. Thanks to our professional painting materials and the craftsmanship of our team, it is possible to restore and rejuvenate any piece of furniture you like. Contact us today to find out more about our custom furniture painting.   


The price of commercial painting is summed up from the total cost of the work performed and the cost of the materials, components, tools you have chosen. We will provide you with assistance in drawing up estimates - our specialist will visit the construction site, calculate the scale of the forthcoming work and answer all questions. Find out more about our commercial services today.


Painting a fence - a whole complex of works, the final stage of which is the application of paint coating. It takes into account not only the material from which the fence is made, but also the condition of the structure, as well as operating conditions. 

UAB Painting offers services of professional painters to paint structures for various purposes. If you need to paint a fence in Dublin. Contact us and the work will be done at the highest level!


UAB Painting offering interior and exterior painting services for restaurants and pubs with the highest quality and most reliable painting methods. We have all the necessary tools and materials designed specifically for finishing surfaces in catering environments. Our extensive experience guarantees excellent results; the use of modern technology guarantees the speed and Hight-quality of Painting with affordable prices.


Window painting in Dublin has always been a popular service due to the weather conditions. It is not recommended to entrust this responsible job to amateurs, it is to ask for experienced painters. In any case, it is critical especially for wooden structures. Our professional painters always adhere strictly to all painting techniques and safety regulations during the painting process.


Ireland's traditional colored doors are known the world over. Painting pine, kitchen, bedrooms or any doors is an affordable way to update your interior and exterior. It allows you to bring an old door back to life and blend in with the new surroundings. For a successful paint job, the right paint and materials must be selected and the door must be properly prepared and painted. UAB Painting offering professionally quality doors painting service. Contact us if you need painting any type of doors in white, black, vanish or another colors in Dublin area.


Painting has a decorative and protective function it makes staircases well-groomed, beautiful, protects against damaging factors, improves the strength characteristics, and enhances the fire protection properties of the materials.

For stairs painting, it is advisable to enlist the help of a professional painting company. It is a job that requires a lot of experience and high qualifications. UAB Painting, of course, know their job and do it 100% well. Contact us and Get a Free Quote for your stairs and landing painting ideas in Dublin.